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Chow Yun Fat

Give him a gun and he's superman, give him two and he's God.

This is my page devoted to the greatest action hero of all time, Chow Yun Fat.

I am pleased to see that so many people are moving and branching out there tastes to include more "asian" films. A few years ago it would have been too taboo for an asian male to star in a motion picture (unless it was a Kung Fu flick...). Hats off to you Chow, you have become to the US movie scene as Wayne Gretzky was to US hockey. A breath of the freshest air, and an innovator.
Thanks to those of you who signed my gusetbook in the past, but I had to remove it. The people at Tripod/Lycos have updated there system again, and I can't access it to save my life. If a more efficient model comes along, I may reconsider reinstalling it, but not anytime soon :) Thanks for all the visits, and keep the support coming!!

May 18th is very special: Happy Birthday to you, Chow Yun Fat!!!

Woo yuet dik goo si

Or, "The story of Wu Viet" (translation) is a very good early Chow Yun Fat movie in which Chow plays a war refugee who is trying to survive and make it to America. He runs into a snag when his honor is tested after seeing a woman who was to go to the states with him is abducted and sold into the sex industry. Chow Yun Fat's acting is powerful and emotional. His looks of determination and self will overshadow the fact that the subtitles were off screen or immersed in similar colors to the background for most of the movie. Even though I was warned about the bad Arena releases (thanks Winnefred!) I bought it and I'm glad to have added it to my collection.

A Better Tommorrow

is probably the first of all of the heroic bloodshed movies that hit the screens. It has an involving plot, characters with personality, personal strugle, Hong Kong Triads, gunfights, and of course, Chow Yun Fat!!! Another definate plus in this movies favor is the touch of a John Woo, director fantastico. If you hadn't seen any Chow movies and you refuse to see The Killer first, see this.
I liked the vengance scene WHERE CHOW DROPS GUNS INTO PLANTS!!! I am terribly sorry to all of you true fans out there, I purchased the movie after a few of you suggested that this was the movie with these scenes that I thought were in The Killer. You were right, I apologize. I am going to put part of the vengance scene up on the page in mpeg form, after I make some room. (Thanks to David Lee, Winnefred Louis, and that guy who calls me Bill...)
All in all this is a FANTASTIC movie. If you haven't seen it, get off your duff and go to the video store!!!

The Corruptor

wasn't that bad, despite what you may have heard. The plot in the movie was decent. I didn't see the plot twist coming, but I was to busy into hero worship. Cinemetography? Not to shabby. No real distracting scenes, but no real artsy ones either.
I liked the opening scenes especially the fight in the lamp/antique shop. very neat.
I disliked the all to predictable ending, but it wasn't made in Hong Kong
All in all this was a very entertaining movie. I liked it much more than The Replacement Killers

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Quite the film. The backgrounds were extraordinary and the acting was superb. The storyline was another winner and the fight scenes were breathtakingly real. I wouldnt be at all surprised if a few people got hurt during filming.
To all of you who couldnt get past the "cheesy" idea of floating through the air and flying......TOO BAD FOR YOU. Its called an imagination, use it.
A definite need is occuring to own this movie.....and it has been filled. :)

The Replacement Killers

was a good movie, but not one I would recommend to first time Chow viewers. The plot in the movie was good. Predictable but good. The acting was first rate. I heard Chow had to spend a long time rehearsing with a line coach to get down his english lines. Chow, you did fabulous. The action was, as always, very nice. You could tell they were trying to spare American audiences from the bloodshed, but it was great. Cinemetography? So-so. Some of the scenes had a picture perfect view, others just seemed like Antwon Fuqua and the boys were just trying to hard.
Best scenes:John Lee (Chow) appearing at Mr. Wei's alley. (Through the double doors). And, when Lee (Chow) disappears after NOT kissing Ms. Colburn (Sorvino).
Worst scene: Any scene where the music seemed to drown out the movie.
All in all this was a very entertaining movie. (I saw it twice the day it came out.) It needed more of an asian than a hollywood touch.

The Killer

was the first and best Chow movie I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, I'm afraid I'll never be able to see it in its original format ever again. I saw it at the Riverview Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota on a Saturday night midnight showing. It was subtitled. It was violent. It was loud. It was AWESOME. Chow stars as a killer with a guilty conscience over accidently burning a young lounge singers cornias (eyes) off. OUCH. After pulling a job for the new triad boss on the block, he's double crossed and not to mention, he has one stubborn cop (Danny Lee) chasing after him. When finally caught? Killer and Cop have to team up to save themselves, and the girl.

Whooa! If you want to know more about the tech specs and cast of The Killer Please go here!!! this stuff is cool!!

Hard Boiled

was an excellent movie. Hard Boiled stars chow as a detective who's on the trail of some gun running triad's. Unfortunately, he keeps bumping heads with a deep cover operative. The big scene at the end of the movie in the hospital is one that I will remember forever, the cinematography was stunning! Definately a must see for anyone. (unless your a gun control freak. in which case i tell you to stay very far away.....)

This page is damn near always under construction!!!

My special thanks to Winnifred Louis, David Lee, and the other cyf webringers. Without them this page would look pretty blank and I would be plenty bored.....
Please check out the other pages for Yun Fat fans on the Chow Yun Fat web ring. They are awe inspiring!!!

Come back soon!!!

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